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AUT University

Sport and Recreation-specialising in golf coaching


aut building.jpg Golf is multi-million dollar industry that encompasses player management, event management, training and coaching. Graduating with a Diploma in Sport and Recreation specialising in golf coaching from AUT will provide you with the skills to enable you to know how to work alongside people who are inspired to become better golfers.


You will learn about exercise science, event management, professional development, skill analysis, coaching practice and sports psychology, all of which will help you develop your golfing ability.

The skills you gain will give you the ability to get the best out of yourself and others.


If you are inspired by helping people to become a better golfer then this is the programme for you.


AUT University has one of NZ’s premier golf coaching diploma programmes because of the close partnership with Golf Coaching New Zealand.  The programme is a unique combination of sport theory and applied golf practice. 


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